Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

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(a.k.a. Roundleaf Errazurizia, round dunebroom, roundleaf )

Buff-colored dunebroom flowers and pinnate leaves with threadlike leaflets

Dunebroom, a low, much branched, aromatic shrub, grows in large soil-binding clumps in sandy areas. Dunebroom has slender, twig-like stems, and leaves have glandular dots. Dunebroom occurs in exposed sites in several types of outcrops ranging from sandy soils in sandstone, gravelly soils in calcareous outcrops, to deep, alluvial cinders in sandstone breaks.

Common dunebroom has been used for toothaches and as an insecticide. Stems are used to make baskets and has no known forage value or use for livestock.

Species of dunebroom on the Navajo Endangered Species List:

  • Errazurizia rotundata, round dunebroom (Group 3 Navajo Endangered Species List)

Bushy growth habit with foliage and buff-colored flowers

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