Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

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Utah serviceberry
Dídzéi dit’odi
(a.k.a. Shadbush, sarvis, Juneberry)

A cluster of white blossoms with light yellow coloration toward their centers

Utah serviceberry grows as a shrub or small tree, generally 6 to 13 feet tall, with white flowers in spring. Fruits are small, brown or black, apple-like, and edible to humans and animals. Serviceberry provides both forage and fruit for wildlife.

Flowers in bloom on knobbly, reddish-brown twigs with some foliage present
Foliage. Leaves are elliptical with slight serration on the margins. They are also almost imperceptibly hairy.
Blossoms have a spreading habit with petals generously spaced
Twig with reddish-brown buds
Closer view of twig, showing slight fuzziness, leaf scars, and buds
Terminal bud, which is a deep reddish-brown and covered in fine hairs
Reddish-brown lateral bud covered in fine hairs

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