Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

Take care of our Navajo Rangelands

Sandbur, field
(a.k.a. Schrader's brome)

Reddish-brown burs along the stem

Sandbur is an annual grass with a spreading rather than upright growth habit. It often grows in areas that are seasonally flooded. The barbed spines on the burs can inflict a painful wound and are easily picked up and transported by clothing, hair, animal fur, and tires. The spikelets are hidden within the armed burs.

*Description courtesy of Western New Mexico University's Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness.

Burs with primarily green-yellow coloration, juxtaposed with leaf blades
Panicle showing arrangement of burs and leaf blades
Close-up of dried bur (and its sharp spines!), which has turned a golden brown
Leaf blades and sheaths

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