Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

Take care of our Navajo Rangelands

(a.k.a. Bee balm, Mountain mint, Oregano de la Sierra)

Pink flowers on tall brown stems with green grassy background

Horsemint, in the mint family, has square stems and attractive flowers. Several species in the Monarda genus can be found regionally.

Monarda punctata has been used as part of a mixture to treat colds, ground into a powder and snuffed up the nostrils to relieve a headache, or as an infusion to treat fevers. It may be hung up in dwellings for its pleasing odor. Birds, including hummingbirds, are attracted to the nectar.

dark purple flowers on tall stems with green grassy background
Grassy scene with white flowering forbs, cholla, and juniper trees in the background

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