Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

Take care of our Navajo Rangelands

(a.k.a. agarita, agrito, currant-of-Texas, wild currant)

Spine-tipped leaves

Algerita, a member of the barberry family, has spiny bluish or gray-green holly-like foliage with masses of fragrant yellow flowers in early spring, followed by attractive juicy red berries. Protected by sharp, spine-tipped leaves, its edible fruit is savored by wildlife and humans. Other similar Southwest native barberries include the larger B. haematocarpa and the smaller B. swaseyi.

Ripening berries and spine-tipped foliage
Highly branched habit
Dark green, shiny foliage and red berries
yellow flowers, green holly-like leaves on a branch
Profuse yellow flowers fill a branch

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