Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

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California burclover
Tł’oh azee

Trifoliate leaves and yellow flowers

Burclover is a shallow-rooted annual legume that generally has numerous prostrate stems branching from the crown and spreading outward 6 to 30 inches. Where thick stands develop, however, stems may become erect, obtaining heights of 18 to 24 inches in favorable years. The leaves are subglabrous and clover-like in appearance, with leaflets normally wedge-shaped and toothed toward the top. The inflorescence is usually quite limited, presenting only a few small, yellow, pea-like flowers. The several-seeded fruit is a flattened, coiled pod, commonly up to 1/4 inch in width and fringed with a double row of conspicuous, hooked spines. Well developed plants may produce more than 1,000 pods. The seed is rather large for a legume of this type, usually developing to over 3/32 inch in length.

Stems and trifoliate leaves
Growth habit, including burs just starting to form
Green burs and leaves
All parts of burclover visible at once: leaves, yellow flowers, and burs

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